Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bus Stop

William Inge's play, famously made into a movie starring Marilyn Monroe, was a romantic comedy centered around a bus stop. Fast forward more than fifty years and move the story from somewhere near Topeka to the Adirondacks and you have yourself more of a tragi-comedy, with tourists and locals alike standing unsheltered in the rain, or sprawled out on minuscule patches of grass in shopping plazas.

Waiting in the rain on Route 9 for a north bound bus.

On Monday, July 9th, Scott Sopczyk of the Greater Glens Falls Transit Authority and ARCC CEO and President Todd Shimkus will attend a Queensbury Town Board workshop to discuss their willingness to work with the Town to install attractive covered bus stops along Route 9 to serve those using public transportation.

"The visual that has drawn my attention to this over the past three years has been the number of people (students, workers, and tourists) sitting in groups on lawns up and down Route 9 waiting for the trolley. People having to sit on the grass, particularly in the rain, demonstrates that our current system is not welcoming to visitors and it does not help us encourage anyone to use public transportation. It also doesn’t promote safety because the trolleys have to stop up and down the road perhaps not in the best locations." - Todd Shimkus

The goal of the workshop is:

1) Determine the bus stop options available to us, taking into consideration both function and aesthetics.

2) Devise a way to pay for the upgrade, which will speak volumes about our region's consideration for transportation, the environment and our workforce to people visiting the area.

3) Establish a cohesive and effective way to communicate the value of this enhancement and to persuade property owners to allow us to install such devices.

Do you use public transportation? Do you have an opinion on this issue? Ideas or suggestions? Let us know.