Thursday, July 19, 2007


Fort Hudson Health System held a dedication ceremony of Monday, July 2nd for the Veteran's Memorial. Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand arranged for the flag used in the Washington Flag presentation to be flown over the United States Capital on June 7th, 2007. The Congresswoman sent Lisa Manzi from her office as a representative at the ceremony. Manzi presented the flag to Mr. John A. Matochik Jr., DVM the Fort Hudson Foundation President and Veteran of War.

Senator Betty Little also participated in the ceremony with a flag presentation. Andrew Cruikshank, CEO Fort Hudson Health System presented a plaque. The Rasing of the Colors was executed by American Legion Post 574 of Hudson Falls.

The veterans honored in the ceremony:

Donna Allie, Maynard Alverson, Dan Anderson, Vivian Blakely,
Mike Brown, Roy Brown, Gwendolyn Bussey, Moses Carma,
Jack Coburn, James Conway, Elizabeth Dickinson, Bernard Dobler,
William Edwards, Mike Eggleton, David Eldridge, Kevin Fisher,
Gus Griffing, Gary Hammond, Paul Hillman, Irving Jenkins,
Walter Komsa, Patty Kupiec, Angelo LaSarso, Richard Leight,
Don MacArthur, Vincent Malvuccio, Robert McClard,
Mary McKenna, Howard Miles, Tammy Moss, Robert Munger,
Larry Olsen, Jim Patton, Stanford Searl, Edward Seely,
Floyd "Pete" Smith, Len Smith, Bill Ward, Dean Warde,
Arnold Weatherwax, Bob Winney, Frank Williams.