Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The united way

ARCC members and the students in the Apprentice Adirondack Style program continue to demonstrate the power of participation. The latest challenge for the students was to create a t-shirt design for the Tri-County United Way. The t-shirts will be used as a sales and marketing tool as the organization works toward achieving its drive for $1 million.

Deanna Endieveri of Sperry Advertising met with the students to go over of the design of the t-shirts which will be produced by Sperry. Her enthusiasm for collaboration and to create a quality product was clear as she discussed the design with the Money Makers team.

An integral part of the process of this program is the interaction with local business people. The opportunity to work with professionals and to witness their ideas being taken and fully realized is something that will inform the way these students approach their future decisions.

The ARCC is proud to have members such as Sperry Advertising and the Tri-County United Way, who are willing to take the time to impact the lives and thinking of our region's young people.

If you would like to find out more about how to support the Tri-County United Way through the purchase of one of the student designed, Sperry produced t-shirt, contact Amanda Magee at 798-1761.