Monday, October 15, 2007

They Did it for the Kids

Behan Communications, the Glens Falls Hospital Foundation, The Chronicle, The Post-Star, and Trampoline Design came together Friday night at Christ United Methodist Church to put on a show to benefit Feet First, a local organization dedicated to ensuring that every child has shoes that fit and are season appropriate.

Representatives from these companies performed to a packed house, alternately eliciting reverent silence and raucous applause. The event raised over $700 for Feet First and demonstrated that Maury Thompson and Gordon Woodworth can both deliver a message with their voices as well as their keyboards. Mark Behan was no slouch as the master of ceremonies, delighting the crowd with witty commentary on a host of issues. Trampoline Design and Behan Communications proved that their creative extends beyond standard print and web materials and can be showcased in the finest performance halls. Below enjoy a clip, poorly shot from a back row seat, of Glens Falls Hospital's Ray Agnew doing his rendition of a classic U2 number.