Friday, March 30, 2007

Another Day Another Dollar

Actually, it was more like another day another scholar.

Nearly 40 companies participated in the ARCC's 2007 Career Experience Day on Wednesday, March 28th. More than 100 students were able to see first hand what it's like to actually work in the fields they are hoping to pursue. The herculean task of matching students and companies was accomplished through extensive planning and leg work by ARCC staff and guidance counselors from:

North Warren Central School
Long Lake Central School
Hudson Falls Senior High School
Hartford Central School
Glens Falls High School

CED 2007 Factoids:

Marine Biology was the #1 choice.

Glens Falls & Hudson Falls Police Departments grew by 10 on CED.

The "Act of God" clause was invoked by District Attorney Kate Hogan.
A fire at the Warren County Municipal Center prevented the planned hosting of five students. Hogan has pledged to reschedule and see that the students placed with the DA's office will see their day in court.

The Hyde Collection artfully served as a Career Experience Day host.

Chazen Companies set their hard hats and blue prints aside to illuminate the path of aspiring engineers.