Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Explore: Success and Family

Janice Holding, owner of Explore, LLC was presented the Rookie Business of the Year Award by the Chair of the ARCC Board Carl Cedrone, Edward Jones Investments. Also on hand was last year's recipient, Anne Marie Flores, of Studio 71.

During her acceptance speech Janice explained how she and her husband Andrew relocated to this area with two young children. A former corporate America success story turned stay at home mom, Janice was looking for activities to share with her children and found very little to do. Several years later (and a lot of hard work which involved bringing her contractor husband out of retirement to pitch in and using her kids as quality control) Explore! was born.

It was with great pride that she called her kids, Alan and Charlotte, up to the podium with her.

Later Charlotte shared some quality time with her dad while Janice networked with other members of the ARCC.

Charlotte was entrusted with the plaque, upon seeing it up close she asked, "Is this writing made of gold?"