Friday, August 24, 2007

Cooperation at work

Very soon we'll be announcing something we have in the works to help position local businesses as first responders for projects in our area, in the mean time we thought HudsonWorks was something you should know about.

Everybody talks about buying local. GE, a global Fortune 10 company, is setting an example right here right now. More than 70 local businesses are working with GE and its contractors to build the Hudson River Dredging Project Processing and Transportation Center in Fort Edward. And more than 100 workers are employed on the project.

GE made a public commitment early to work with a mix of national and local firms to complete the largest environmental project ever undertaken. To connect local businesses with its major contractors, GE set up a virtual marketplace at HudsonWorks where 600 local companies submitted profiles of their products, services and expertise. GE is still encouraging local firms to sign up. The construction phase will continue through 2008, with dredging scheduled to begin in 2009.

"GE has had long and very positive experience with local contractors and vendors who provide deep expertise, responsive service and a competitive price," said GE spokesman Mark Behan, whose public affairs firm has worked with GE for 18 years.
More information on the GE project and a complete list of firms working with GE is posted at

See photos here.

The ARCC has many members in and around the area impacted by this project. If you are in the area, why not stop in and see them. It is by continuing to support one another that our business community thrives.

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