Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Taylor and Caimano Get PAC Nod


The Business First Political Action Committee today announced that it has endorsed Bud Taylor, a candidate for Glens Falls Ward 3 Supervisor; Queensbury-at-Large Supervisor Nick Caimano, in his race to become County Treasurer; and the re-election of Glens Falls Ward 5 Supervisor Bill Kenny.

According to Dwayne Zuhlke, the PAC’s Chairman, the organization is still scheduling interviews with a wide range of candidates for office that will appear on the ballot this November. The organization met with Mr. Taylor, Mr. Caimano and Mr. Kenny in August. The Business First PAC was formed by area business leaders in 2003 so that the business community could speak out in support of pro-business candidates particularly at the local and county level.

“Bud’s commitment to reduce property taxes and to promote inter-municipal cooperation really made a positive impression with us during his interview,” added Zuhlke. “He will bring a regional approach to problem solving and to enhance the communication that must go on between the Board, the Mayor and the Common Council. The fact is that Bud has also been a successful business person and he understands the challenges we face.”

“Nick Caimano impressed us with his genuine desire to utilize the position of Treasurer as an advocate of the taxpayer and a resource to the Board of Supervisors,” said Zuhlke. “The Business First PAC believes that Nick will take undertake new initiatives and help lead our County in a more fiscally conservative taxpayer friendly manner.”

“Bill Kenny has received our PAC’s endorsement every year since we’ve been interviewing candidates because of his strong opposition to increasing the County’s sales and property taxes,” said Zuhlke. “The business community enjoys a strong working relationship with Mr. Kenny and his leadership on the County Board as a pro-business advocate is greatly appreciated.”